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“LEONARDO DA VINCI. MASTERPIECES & FLYING MACHINES” Italian tradition and innovation meet in the heart of Jeddah

The Consulate General of Italy in Jeddah, in partnership with the Italian Cultural Association Save the Artistic Heritage, is organizing, starting on 12 October 2019, an exhibition of stunning digital reproductions of Leonardo Da Vinci’s paintings and drawings on flying machines.

The exhibition “Leonardo Da Vinci. Masterpieces and Flying Machines” curated by Carlo Francini, will be hosted in the beautiful Sharbatly House in the Balad the historical area of Jeddah, and will feature 20 DAW® – Digital Art Works of drawing, sketches and paintings of the late Italian genius.


– Digital Art Work is a digital multiple of a masterpiece of the history of art produced by Cinello ( – a start-up in the field of digital innovation – in limited series and authenticated, numbered, certified and protected with patented digital encryption system.

The remarkably high technological content makes it absolutely uncopiable and guarantees its uniqueness

. Each DAW® is created with the consent of the owner museum that holds the original artwork and the revenues will be shared with the museum.

Save the Artistic Heritage

( ) is a non-profit association aimed at promoting on the international level the Italian historical and cultural heritage.

The Italian Consulate is very proud of this event, which will be quite unique: it will be the first thematic exhibition made only with high level digital reproductions and it will be one of the first displays of figurative art in Jeddah. It will be a wonderful chance to bring to the attention of art lovers in Italy and around the world the huge social change which Jeddah and whole of Saudi Arabia are undergoing in the recent years in the framework of the Vision 2030 Agenda.

The exhibition will fall in the framework of worldwide celebrations marking 500 years from the death of Leonardo and will focus on the link between art and technology, showcasing how modern development in computer and digital sciences can enhance the fruition and distribution of artwork and cultural heritage.

The funds come from the Italian Government and from a number of generous Saudi and Italian sponsors, amongst which: Saudi Airlines; Tamer Group; Al Sharif Group Holding; Bagedo Holding Group; ASYAD Holding Group; Leonardo SPA; Al Fursan Ceramics.